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Low pressure control cabinet
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High pressure control cabinet

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High pressure control cabinet

The high and low voltage control cabinet is a kind of combined high and low voltage switch cabinet assembled with standard modules. The control cabinet is suitable for ac 50-60hz rated working voltage of 660V and below power supply system, and is used for the control of power generation, power transmission, power distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment. The cabinet conforms to iec439-1 "low-voltage complete switchgear and controlgear", GB7251 "low-voltage complete switchgear and controlgear", JB/T9961 "low-voltage pull-out complete switchgear" and other standards.

Technical performance

Ambient temperature: -5℃-- +40℃

Atmospheric conditions: the air is clean, and the relative humidity is not more than 50% when the highest temperature is +40℃. The relative humidity is allowed to be higher when the temperature is lower, for example

+20℃ is 90% but should be taken into account when temperature changes, it is possible to occasionally produce moderate condensation.

Maximum elevation of equipment installation site: 2000m

Earthquake intensity not more than 8 degrees, no serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent shaking.



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