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Low pressure control cabinet
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High voltage control equipment

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High voltage control equipment

The high-pressure control equipment mainly realizes the following functions:

1. Communication function: realize data transmission between micromechanical sensor and upper computer program through USB module.

2. Control function: adopt the digital signal processing module to output the voltage required by the electrostatic drive according to the transmission data control converter.

3. Magnification function: magnify the voltage synchronously to the range required by electrostatic drive.

Electrostatic drive has the characteristics of low power consumption, short response time, suitable for high frequency drive and easy to realize, so it is widely used in MEMS devices such as micro deformation mirror, micro spectrometer, micro gyro and micro resonator. However, electrostatic drive devices often require a very high constant voltage power supply, so a high voltage control system can be designed to meet the driving requirements, so that the micro-mechanical sensor devices are widely used.

Digital signal processing module by the fixed-point digital signal processor TMS320F2812 and D/A converter AD5381, 2812 of them have high processing speed, powerful processing function of the clock frequency of up to 150 MHZ, contains 128 k on A Flash, the ROM 128 k and 18 k RAM, satisfy the need of programming, at the same time also contains rich peripheral interfaces and event manager, very suitable for mass data processing control occasions. AD5381 is an ideal multi-channel digital-to-analog converter. It has 40 digital-to-analog conversion channels, a 12-bit resolution, three data transmission modes of parallel, serial and I2C, and a single-channel conversion time of 30ns, which can meet the requirements of the module.


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