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Vacuum circuit breaker

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Vacuum circuit breaker

Vacuum circuit breaker (high current high break capacity)

Model: ZN12-12

Equipment and system description: ZN12 series generator outlet circuit breaker improves the protection level of generator and transformer, reduces the scope of fault, and ensures the stability of power supply when the system fails. It is suitable for indoor generators with rated voltage of 3 ~ 35kV and rated frequency of 50 ~ 60HZ, the main circuit of phase-regulating and pumped storage power station, and the power supply circuit of one million megawatt units, as well as the generator braking circuit and the incoming line and bus switch in the direct distribution system of the generator set.

The technical parameter of this product reaches 4000A/63kA, which changes the situation that our country relies on import for high current and high break products. It has the characteristics of high insulation level, high TRV gradient and high dc component. It has high dynamic stability and rated short circuit closing ability. The first set of applied oil ministry jinxi refinery project was successfully applied in steel, power plant, power grid and chemical industry.



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