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Intelligent metal armored removable switch equipment

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Intelligent metal armored removable switch equipment

Intelligent metal armored removable switch equipment

Model no. : KYN series

Equipment and system description: with the continuous progress of science and technology, the automation of power distribution and transformation is the future development direction. Our company in 2009 to the majority of users launched intelligent medium voltage switchgear, improve the degree of intelligence, more suitable for unattended distribution, electric places. Can obtain distribution field a equipment, power grid operation information, make the scene a device in the ability to execute the distance host command at the same time can also be done in-place, brake command, such as better to match, variable power grid operation monitoring and management, simulation and optimization of operation plan, operation analysis and management, user load monitoring and fault alarm.


(1) on-line wireless monitoring and alarm of temperature rise of contact arm of circuit breaker.

(2) on-line monitoring of the mechanical characteristics of circuit breakers, including switching operation, stroke - time characteristic curve monitoring, overtravel and open distance monitoring, switching coil current - time curve monitoring, switching electromagnetic coil breakage monitoring, etc.

(3) circuit breaker electric chassis control and condition monitoring. Mainly including electric chassis driver motion and automatic control; Electric chassis motor current monitoring; Electric chassis condition monitoring, etc.

(4) display the status of the system once.

(5) state monitoring and control of electric grounding switch.

(6) arc light protection function.

All the measurement modules, online monitoring data acquisition modules and control modules are integrated into the intelligent components. Considering the amount of data in the system layer network, the processing and judgment of all on-line monitoring data are integrated into intelligent components.

Device profile: intelligent type of medium voltage switchgear is a traditional type of switchgear equipment, on the basis of intelligent integrated domestic and foreign advanced technology and operation experience, their own research and development in the design of quanxing intelligent switch equipment, it is a blend of computer, information, control, sensor and micro technology, integrated substation automation system will be independent operation equipment, realize the protection of local and distant control, reliable and substation wide-area online monitoring and diagnosis.


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