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Low pressure control cabinet
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Arc elimination and harmonic elimination integrated protection cabinet

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Arc elimination and harmonic elimination integrated protection cabinet

Arc extinction harmonic integrated protection cabinet (arc extinction cabinet)

Model no. : XGB series

Equipment and system description: XGB comprehensive protection ark is new type of arc suppression harmonic elimination arc suppression, harmonic elimination, voltage detection, the small current grounding line selection, contactor, charged state monitoring indicator, overvoltage protection multifunctional at an organic whole, big screen, touch screen display, friendly man-machine interface, display intuitive, easy to operate, the whole process, automatic protection and monitoring, in a state of full compensation of the grid.

Multifunctional integrated touch screen controller, voltage limiter and overvoltage protector are installed in the cabinet, which can realize the combination of voltage limiter arc extinction and metallic grounding arc extinction, and automatically reset after fault elimination. Mainly for the 3 ~ 35kV neutral point non-effective grounding system, the overvoltage due to lightning, resonance, arc light grounding, operation and other forms of effective protection, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.


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