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12kV metal-clad enclosed switchgear

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  • Release date:2019-10-08
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12kV metal-clad enclosed switchgear

12kV metal-clad enclosed switchgear

Model: KGN9-12 kv

Description of equipment and system: kgn9-12kv (GSFC) metal-clad fixed switch equipment is applicable to single and double bus systems, with technical parameters of 4000A ~ 8000A/63kA, reaching the advanced ranks of similar products at home and abroad. The product adopts the sliding bus gold appliance and bus telescopic joint composed of non-eddy current magnetic stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which solves the technical problem of porcelain bottle fracture caused by resonance, resonance and eddy current thermal expansion and contraction when main and branch bus >3000A.

This product has the international advanced technology, has changed our country high current, high break product dependence import situation. The product has the honor to win the machinery department quality appraisal "first class product", saves the important engineering project investment, replaces the import. The products are mainly used in the direct distribution system of generator outlet and small and medium generator sets.



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