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12kV metal armored shifting switch equipment

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  • Release date:2019-10-08
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12kV metal armored shifting switch equipment

12kV metal armored shifting switch equipment

Model: KYN25-12 kv

Equipment and system description: kyn25-12kv (AIS) metal-clad shifting switch equipment (structural universal KYN28 cabinet) is the introduction, absorption of similar products at home and abroad technology research and development of production update products. Design and manufacturing rely on the enterprise CAD/CAM/CNC and PDM integrated agile manufacturing, to achieve corona free design, the use of shielding non-ring magnetic technology and air convection technology, with excellent electrical and mechanical properties, to ensure that the components in the cabinet to achieve their own calibration value, truly achieve natural ventilation without capacity reduction. The cabinet adopts the overlapping bending design, and the air buffer layer is formed between the cabinets, which can prevent arc breakdown. The cabinet door adopts the unique explosion-proof lifting door design, which can prevent the door from breaking open due to the fault pressure when it is closed by the dead weight falling and locking into the explosion proof bolt hole. On the basis of meeting the requirements of "five prevention", the sixth prevention function is realized.

This product is in the international leading position, exported to Bangladesh, Jordan, Angola and other foreign countries and regions of dozens of. In the national power grid, petrochina, sinopec, national defense and military fields and other large power supply and distribution key projects have been widely used. Advanced technology, stable performance, safe and reliable. All the technical indexes, such as anti-pollution, condensation and partial release, are in line with the national and relevant standards. Suitable for three-phase ac 50 ~ 60Hz power supply system, used for receiving and distributing electric energy and controlling, protecting and monitoring the circuit.


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