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Low pressure control cabinet
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The junction of the electric cabinet of the low-voltage control cabinet shall be equipped with isolation device


1. When the frequency converter starts up to 5 ~ 10HZ, the frequency converter reports that there is a foreign body in the inlet impeller (it usually happens in the newly installed pump, when the submersible pump touches the nose and sediment enters the device). Elimination method: labor frequency indirect start 2 ~ 5 minutes, in turn to frequency conversion operation

2. The common and rare fault of inverter not starting is (1) the power supply of incoming wire is out of phase or the fuse (safety) core in the cabinet is damaged. (2) if the coil of the reflective contactor burns out, the reflective method is to remove the coil of the reflective contactor and put it aside. Find two wires to connect indirectly

Coil, to the 220v power supply to see whether the contactor suction. If it burns out, replace it with a new one.

3. The setting pressure of the transducer is different from the reading of the remote pressure gauge. According to the customer's request, the remote pressure gauge (the actual pressure) shall prevail. If the customer has any doubt, explain to the customer that the signal attenuates to the deviation (the signal line is right or wrong, nearby electromagnetic nuisances, etc.).

4. The frequency converter has been running for 50HZ for a long time, and the pressure gauge does not work. (1) the pressure gauge wire is broken (2) the customer is asked whether the inverter parameters have been changed, such as tampering (contact with the technical department)

(1) check whether the pressure on the pressure gauge is greater than the pressure value set by the inverter (check whether the dial tube of the far-spread pressure gauge is frozen in summer), replace the pressure gauge when it is damaged (2) whether the contactor is sucked in (3) whether the inverter is reported to be in trouble, turn off the power and start again

Low-voltage control cabinet in low-voltage distribution room generally has 5 control cabinets

It is to enter line ark respectively measure ark compensates ark to go out line ark to contact ark.


Incoming line cabinet, it is the switch cabinet that introduces power source from the outside.

Exit line cabinet, it is the switch cabinet that distributes electric energy from bus.

Metering cabinet, there are mutual inductor, meter, ammeter, etc

Compensation cabinet, there are compensation capacitors, etc.

The contact cabinet is mainly to realize the interconnecting function of two circuits to ensure the reliability of power supply and emergency power supply.

Safety precautions

1, after the power failure.

2. When the distribution cabinet is maintained in different sections, the junction between live and uncharged distribution cabinets should be equipped with isolation device.

3. When operating the high voltage side vacuum circuit breaker, insulation boots and gloves should be worn, and special person should be assigned to monitor.

4. When maintaining the capacitor cabinet, it is strictly forbidden to touch the capacitor before discharging to the ground.

5. Before power transmission after maintenance, check whether there are any tools left in the distribution cabinet.

Now the general new room electrical box distribution has several kinds, usually connected in the total circuit breaker below, so conducive to operation, or see the circuit breaker is 1P or 2P, if it is 1P to connect the L pole, N pole to N pole line. If it is 2P, you can connect the LN pole directly. The circuit breaker is usually in and out. The inlet and outlet of 1P can put 16MM wire diameter, the outlet of 2P can put 10MM wire diameter, and the outlet can also put 6MM wire diameter.

The reasonable measurement method of no-load loss and load loss of transformer is deduced. Power transformer is also an important part of switching power supply in electronic equipment. The optimization design of transformer is the key to improve the power of switching power supply. In this paper, the optimal design is carried out from the Angle of reducing the transformer's own volume. Transformer is the main power facility in China's national power grid, which is mainly used to transform the ac voltage size of modern electrical equipment. The whole process of power transmission from power generation, power transmission, distribution power and so on should be completed through the transformer as the main equipment. The extensive application of power as an energy source in human life makes the transformer occupy the main position in the power system, and also contributes to the rapid development of the transformer industry.

The junction of the electric cabinet of the low-voltage control cabinet shall be equipped with isolation device


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