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Low pressure control cabinet
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The low-voltage control cabinet is mainly used to adjust the operating frequency and characteristics of the equipment


The low-voltage control cabinet is mainly used to adjust the operating frequency of the equipment, reduce energy consumption, can start the equipment smoothly, and reduce the damage to the motor caused by large current when the equipment starts directly. At the same time, it is equipped with analog input (speed control or feedback signal), PID control, pump switching control (for constant pressure), communication function, macro function (for different occasions have different parameter Settings), multi-stage speed and so on.

It can be widely used for automatic control of various occasions such as water supply, drainage, fire fighting, pressurization of spray pipe network and circulation of hot water and cold water of hvac.

The low-voltage control cabinet shall ensure that the heat emitted by frequency converters and other devices (such as transformers, lamps, resistors, etc.) and the heat from direct sunlight and other external sources are well distributed, so as to maintain the temperature of the control cabinet below the allowable temperature of all devices in the cabinet including frequency converters. The cooling method is classified from the calculation method of cooling, which is mainly divided into four parts.

(1) the cooling way of natural heat dissipation of the cabinet surface (fully sealed type);

(2) cooling through heat sink (aluminum sheet, etc.);

(3) ventilation cooling (forced ventilation type, pipe ventilation type);

(4) cooling by heat exchanger or cooler (heat pipe, cooler, etc.).

1. The use of low-voltage control cabinet power distribution cabinet (box) shall be in the charge of specially-assigned personnel, who must be trained and qualified before operation.

2. Operators should know the location and control range of the main power switch in the workplace and the location of the branch switch they use. (1) when manual operation is required: after opening above, turn the rotary switch outside the low-voltage general cabinet to the "manual" position.

Press the green "start" button to start the motor. When the motor needs to be closed, press the red "stop" button to stop the motor. (2) automatic operation of low-voltage main cabinet: when the rotating switch outside the low-voltage main cabinet is put into the "automatic" position, the start and stop of the motor is automatically controlled by PLC. Note: the rotating switch will be in the "automatic" position without special conditions.

3. If the equipment is found to be abnormal, the power should be cut off quickly. If necessary, the main power switch should be cut off.

4. Pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the power distribution cabinet and the motor in use, so as not to burn out the power distribution cabinet and the motor due to overheating.

5. If there is abnormal sound or peculiar smell in the power distribution cabinet and unit, the power should be cut off immediately for maintenance.

Positive pressure ventilation electrical control cabinet, is a comprehensive positive pressure, safety, flameproof technology of the compound explosion-proof system, advanced structure, simple operation, safe and reliable, can be widely used in factories. The correct wiring method is the prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the distribution cabinet. Now the general new room electrical box distribution has several kinds, usually connected in the total circuit breaker below, so conducive to operation, or see the circuit breaker is 1P or 2P, if it is 1P to connect the L pole, N pole to N pole line. If it is 2P, you can connect the LN pole directly. The circuit breaker is usually in and out. The inlet and outlet of 1P can put 16MM wire diameter, the outlet of 2P can put 10MM wire diameter, and the outlet can also put 6MM wire diameter.

Check whether the junction of the bus bar is deformed or blackened by discharge. Tighten the connection bolt. If the bolt is rusted, replace it to ensure tight connection. Check the insulation on the bus for looseness and damage.

Shake the total air out of the distribution cabinet with the handle, check whether the main contact is burned and dissolved, check whether the arc extinguish hood is black and damaged, tighten the wiring screws, clean the dust in the cabinet, and test the closing and opening conditions of the machine

Take the switchgear out of the drawer and fasten the terminal. Check the installation and wiring of the current transformer, ammeter and meter, check the flexibility and reliability of the handle operating mechanism, tighten the air switch inlet and outlet lines, and clean the dust of the outlet lines in the switch cabinet and behind the distribution cabinet.

The low-voltage control cabinet is mainly used to adjust the operating frequency and characteristics of the equipment


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