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Low pressure control cabinet
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Commonly used low - voltage control cabinet design


The electrical engineer should know exactly the following technical parameters and requirements for the old equipment renovation of low voltage control cabinet.

1. Specific motor parameters, date of manufacture, manufacturer (domestic, imported)

2. Motor rated voltage, rated current, phase number.

3. Motor load characteristic type, working standard.

4. Motor starting mode.

5. Work environment. Such as field temperature, protection level, electromagnetic radiation level, explosion-proof level.

6. Specific distribution parameters.

7. Actual distance between installation position of frequency conversion cabinet and motor position. (the distance from the frequency conversion cabinet to the motor is a very important parameter)

8. The number and way of motor driven by frequency conversion cabinet.

9. Switching relationship between frequency conversion cabinet and old electrical system. Generally as spare for Δ - Y start working with variable frequency, switching protection.

10. Selection parameters and sampling location of peripheral sensor transmitter of frequency conversion cabinet.

11. Frequency conversion control cabinet control mode, such as manual/automatic, local/remote, control signal range. Whether to network or not.

12. Separation of strong circuit and weak circuit. Isolation of acquisition and control signals.

13. Quality of power supply in the workplace, such as lightning protection, surge, electromagnetic radiation.

For the new frequency conversion system, the electrical engineer and the mechanical engineer should have an in-depth understanding of the transmission mechanical load characteristics, in order to determine the type of motor, capacity. According to the motor mechanical load characteristics, capacity, choose the type of inverter, capacity.

The type of electrode oven is determined by the requirements of electrode drying, storage and temperature control. For example, YCH electrode oven is divided into 30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 300 and 500KG of drying and storage capacity. If the demand is larger, non-standard electrode oven equipment can be designed separately. From the drying storage mode can be divided into a single greenhouse model, the high temperature of the model drying room can reach 500℃, temperature control, that is, only the drying function. If a storage room is added on the basis of a single heating room, the utilization rate of the equipment is improved. The drying room and storage room adopt independent circuits to measure and control the temperature respectively. The drying time of the drying room can be set, and then the alarm will stop. The high working temperature of the storage room is 150℃.

Multimedia platform, is a platform and computer, multimedia control system, video booth, audio equipment, audio and video converter and other electronic products into one product. It USES all steel high quality material, electrostatic spray processing, a real sense of lock control, considerate humanization design, intelligent control, network security design against theft, large capacity of internal space, a multi-purpose, simple wiring, with complete external device interface and other characteristics.

Commonly used low - voltage control cabinet design


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