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Low pressure control cabinet
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Low - pressure control cabinet maintenance universal method


The common maintenance methods of low and high pressure control cabinet are as follows:

1. Disconnect the power supply, check the frame of the low voltage control cabinet for reliable grounding, and make the grounding resistance is not greater than 4 Ω.

2. There are different voltages on the control cabinet (dc 110V; Ac single phase 220V; Three-phase ac), in the maintenance must distinguish the circuit, to prevent short circuit accident.

3. All electrical switches on the control cabinet should operate flexibly and reliably without significant noise, the junction head and terminal post should be free from looseness, and the steel wire at the junction head of the connecting wire of the moving contact should be free from breakage.

4. Use a soft brush or a blower to remove dust from the panel plugins and all the electromagnetic switch parts, and check the status and contact of the electrical switch contacts in the control cabinet, the insulation of the coil appearance and the movement of the mechanical parts whether it is reliable or not.

5. When replacing the fuse in the low-voltage control cabinet, the fuse breaking current should match the current in the circuit.

The control cabinet of low-voltage control cabinet provides a good operating environment for our components. The control cabinet allows us to have a good storage space, and at the same time, the storage of the device is done well. Here, we will simply understand the specific behavior of the control cabinet:

1. The control cabinet shall provide enough space for storage equipment, and the spare parts shall be firmly fixed in the control cabinet through the support, bracket, various screws, clamps and other connecting parts inside the control cabinet to form an intensive whole.

2. Its solid shell protects the storage device against pressure, impact and dust, and it can also play the role of electromagnetic interference and radiation shielding power radiation.

3. It also provides a lot of easy to use panel switch indicator light, so that the operator more convenient control.

The above is about the control cabinet for our components to provide a good operation environment related knowledge introduction, if there are other aspects of the problem, you are welcome to inquire about the low-voltage control cabinet.

Low pressure control cabinet


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