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Low pressure control cabinet
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What are the particularly relevant characteristics of high voltage control equipment?


With the development of high pressure control equipment, more and more combination of high pressure control cabinet constantly appear in our life, but for such a kind of material it has what special characteristics? See the following introduction for details.

Combined electric cabinet timing control: can be set in three time periods of a day timing power supply and timing blackout. Distribution of free electricity: it can be set to automatically distribute subsidized free electricity on a certain day of each month. Malignant load control: the power of malignant load (electric furnace, electric water heater, etc.) can be set. When the power of malignant load exceeds the set value, the system will automatically identify and cut off power. Overdraft electricity consumption: the overdraft electricity consumption allowed by the user can be set. The combined cabinet can also be controlled remotely: the user meter module can be controlled on the computer. Pre-payment control: when the electricity in the user meter module is used up, the power will be cut off automatically. Data query: the amount of purchase, the total amount of paid electricity, the remaining amount of electricity, the distribution of the free electricity of this month, the total amount of the released free electricity, the remaining subsidized electricity of this month, the treatment method of subsidized electricity, the current status of the table module and the reasons for the breakdown, etc. Powerful software support: including electricity sales, monthly recharge, electricity sales report, daily report, monthly report, annual report, etc. High-power overload control of low-voltage control cabinet: when the power consumption exceeds the set capacity limit, the system will automatically open.

Due to the high density of internal wiring in the low-voltage control cabinet, the distribution frame and standard optical fiber distribution box are installed on the top of the control cabinet or in the adjacent control cabinet.

For a switch in the control cabinet or a switch on the top of the rack, a barrier-free distribution channel is formed by an indented column and a horizontal arrangement frame, which can improve the port utilization rate of the switch and reduce the number of switches required by the whole column.

The control cabinet is usually equipped with a server or rack server, and the wiring port capacity calculation rule is that the device usually contains two network connections for the primary and secondary, two storage connections for the primary and secondary, and one or two ports for in-band or out-band management. Another copper port is also available for another keyboard and mouse video connection.

The connection is managed in the low voltage cabinet vertical wiring space to ensure that the cable does not prevent the fan at the back of the server from discharging heat. In the case of low wiring density, the vertical distribution frame and the vertical distribution frame can provide two adjacent control cabinets at the same time.

Low pressure control cabinet



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