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"Domestic GIS breaks foreign monopoly barriers"


"Domestic GIS breaks foreign monopoly barriers"

-- broadcast on CCTV news network on July 2, 2007

Simultaneous voice: CCTV reporter

This cabinet is the GIS equipment that supplies power for the subway. Although you can't see it, it covers an area of less than 1 square meter, but the power drive source of high-speed subway trains comes from it.

Simultaneous voice: Yin yongguo, chief engineer of shenyang high voltage complete switch co., LTD

It is one of the most critical equipment in the power supply equipment of urban rail transit. At present, our company has become the fourth enterprise in the world with independent property rights of this product.

"Domestic GIS breaks foreign monopoly barriers"

Wang ning, news announcer

"Domestic GIS breaks foreign monopoly barriers"

A few years ago, GIS equipment was not only completely imported from abroad, but also controlled by the seller's market. In the face of this situation, shenyang set up a scientific research group with 13.85 million yuan and successfully developed the first GIS equipment with independent intellectual property rights three years later. But let the enterprise can not think of is, their painstaking research and development of the product in the market is everywhere hit a wall: because it is the domestic "first set", has not been applied.

To fight this tone, with the support of national development and reform commission (NDRC), shenyang complete with high technical performance index and the price of 40% below the international brand finally won the bid of nanjing metro line 1 project, four years down, run zero failure rate of performance to tasted the sweets, nanjing subway project in 2006, nanjing subway line 2 again signed on domestic GIS equipment, barriers to foreign monopoly was broken.

With such backbone and courage, over the past five years, the complete set of GIS equipment in shenyang has been successfully bid in the international market for many times, earning more than 50 million us dollars in export.

"Domestic GIS breaks foreign monopoly barriers"


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