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Shenyang high voltage switchgear co., LTD. Allows the subway to use Chinese power equipment


Shenyang high voltage complete switch co. LTD

Get the subway to use Chinese power

-- broadcast in People's Daily on June 28, 2007

Shenyang, June 27 (reporter he yong) in the subway traction power supply equipment, as a locomotive, lighting, ventilation and other different systems to distribute the key equipment - gas insulation metal closed switch (referred to as GIS equipment) has been monopolized by foreign companies, and the price is expensive. In the nanjing metro line 1 and line 2 under construction, the GIS equipment used is all produced by shenyang high voltage complete switch co., LTD., which is also a domestic equipment used in large domestic projects and breaks the monopoly of foreign enterprises.

The traction power supply equipment in metro and other urban rail transit, because the working environment in culverts, not only to moisture-proof, also must be small, the production technology requirements are far higher than the ordinary traction power supply equipment. For a long time, this technology has been monopolized by Siemens, ABB, alstom and other foreign companies. Therefore, the price of traction power supply equipment is expensive, and each set is nearly 1 million yuan, which makes the cost of power supply and power supply equipment in China's subway construction once become high in the world.

Zhang wenying, President of shenyang high voltage switchgear co., LTD, is deeply concerned about this phenomenon. In the next 10 years, China's rail transit consumption demand will reach 240 billion yuan. In 2001, with the support of Northeastern University and other research institutes, only 500 employees of the shenyang high voltage complete switch co., LTD., invested 13.85 million yuan, 3 years, finally mastered the 15 key technology such as insulation materials, mechanical strength, developed China's first with independent intellectual property rights of GIS equipment, the fourth in the world with independent intellectual property rights of enterprises in the product.

In 2003, nanjing metro line 1 adopted the traction power supply equipment manufactured by shenyang high voltage switchgear co., LTD for the first time, which greatly reduced the operating cost. GIS equipment has not only filled the domestic gap, but also realized export since 2001, earning 50 million us dollars in foreign exchange. In 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission listed the equipment as the country's only rail transit traction power supply equipment localization project, and gave central budget financial support. In 2006, the company won the bid for more than 60 million yuan of GIS equipment. Now, with the support of the special fund of national debt, shenyang high voltage complete switch co., LTD has built a new factory area, and will further increase the investment and research and development power, and promote the manufacturing level of GIS equipment to the leading level.

Small business can play a big role

A "small enterprise" with only 500 employees, relying on independent innovation, has strided abroad to "dance" with Siemens and other world giants on the international stage. The successful practice of shenyang high voltage complete switch co., LTD inspires people: "small enterprises" can play a big role in the stage of independent innovation.

In the concept of many people, independent innovation, independent intellectual property rights, as if the patents of large enterprises. Some small enterprises did not even assume the boldness and responsibility of independent innovation, keen on, content with "sticker" processing, working for others. The survey shows that 90% of smes do not have independent intellectual property rights.

Equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation of national industry, and the healthy development of equipment manufacturing industry must rely on independent innovation. Equipment manufacturing enterprises, no matter big or small, should consciously take on the responsibility of independent innovation.

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